INCOGNITO (LINGUAL) & CLEAR BRACES”]From our Specialist Orthodontist based in the heart of West London.

Straight Talk Orthodontics offer a wide range of treatment options for our patients.

If you have considered having orthodontic work, but you have been put off by childhood memories of wearing ‘railway tracks’ and intrusive fixed braces – then please do not be!

The science of orthodontics has advanced tremendously over the years. We now have discrete brackets that can be clear and translucent, less intrusive with friction free systems resulting in shorter treatment time. Revolutionary technology now allows us to place the fixed braces on the back of your teeth (Incognito/ Lingual braces) so that they are completely hidden from sight. Straight Talk Orthodontics can also provide dynamic, clear invisible aligners (Clear braces) to straighten your teeth so no one will know that you are wearing them – unless of course you tell them!

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