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Specialist Orthodontist in Metal, Hidden, Clear, Incognito and Children's Braces for patients in Ealing, Northfields, Acton & Hanwell

Straight Talk Orthodontics are a specialist orthodontic practice providing expert orthodontic care for both adults and children. We are located in West Ealing, and the majority of our current patients are from the Ealing, Acton and Northfields areas of West London, although this is by no means exclusive. Our orthodontic practice, based on Gordon Road, has state of the art facilities and technology, which are housed in decadent and relaxed surroundings for your comfort.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are the clear alternative to fixed braces as they are virtually invisible. Many patients would never consider fixed braces due to aesthetics or maintenance are extremely suitable candidates for Invisalign. An added advantage is that you can take them out for eating, brushing and any special occasions – a luxury that you do not have with fixed braces.

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Hidden Braces

Incognito braces (Lingual braces attached to the back of the teeth) are completely hidden from view. We use the highly sophisticated Incognito system. They are totally unique to each individual patient as they are created just for you. Each bracket and wire is made with a pre-programmed prescription to fit the exact contours of each individual tooth.

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Aesthetic Braces

Traditional fixed metal braces have slowly become more and more unpopular throughout the years, and this is due to the limitations of their appearance and their bulky size. We have found that this has deterred patients away from orthodontic treatment. Clarity SL braces which Straight Talk Orthodontics work with, combine the pleasing aesthetics of clear braces with the effectiveness of traditional braces.

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