Price Guide for our Removable Braces, Fixed Aesthetic Braces, Incognito/ Lingual Braces and Clear Braces.

All of our treatment fees include all active orthodontic treatments to completion, bonded retainers, removable retainers and 1 year of retention care once the active treatment has been completed.

  • Removable braces from £300
  • Fixed aesthetic braces (tooth coloured) from £1000 per arch
  • Incognito/Lingual braces (back of teeth) from £3000 per arch
  • Clear braces from £2000

Interest free monthly payment plans are provided for you so that the cost may be spread out over a manageable time period for your convenience, and these are typically 12 months.

We also offer an additional 5% reduction for siblings, children or parents taking up treatment within 1 year.

Furthermore, for a limited time only Straight Talk Orthodontics are offering a free initial consultation, as well as 20% off all our treatments. Have a look at our Special Offers page to find out more.

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